Adding Photo Gallery from Adobe Lightroom Problem

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Just Stuff

I found an issue when loading a picture gallery created with Adobe Lightroom 2 to a web server hosted by godaddy. I used the Lightroom default HTML gallery. When I set up my hosting account, I selected a Windows server instead of going with my gut instinct of using a Linux server. Anyway, after the gallery was created, I uploaded the folder to my web server, and the pictures were missing, but the frame of the page existed. I opened the html page in Dreamweaver and checked all the links to make sure the img src in the page was pointing to a .jpg file, then I checked the path to verify that there were images loaded where it said they were loaded at, and they were. I then deleted the folder I just uploaded and used a different web template, this time the Lightroom default Flash gallery with the same result.

I triple checked the index.html page, and ran a check to make sure all links worked, and they did. I then deleted the folder again, and used a different template in Lightroom. This time I used the Airtight Simpleviewer, and it worked. Huh?

I did some research and come to find out godaddy doesn’t support a ‘bin’ folder on a Windows server. I then created 2 galleries, one with the default HTML gallery, and one with the Airtight gallery. Both have a ‘bin’ folder, so what gives? I know that Windows can be a little quirky with stuff like this, so I contacted godaddy and asked if I could switch to a Linux server. They showed me where to go to fix that, and within an hour I had it switched to Linux, and now both galleries show up on my site. Yahoooooo!!!

None of this will make a lick of sense to you if you don’t have Adobe Lightroom, but if you do and you use godaddy as a web host, before creating a gallery, switch over to Linux and save yourself the frustration.


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