Mystery Solved

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Photography

First day of class down, and I learned something today that I have always wondered. What does that ‘mm’ on a camera lens actually measure? For example, what does 18-55mm actually mean.

When parallel rays of light strike a lens focused at infinity, they converge to a point called the focal point. The focal length of the lens is then defined as the distance from the middle of the lens to its focal point, and that is measured in millimeters. The ‘f/’ number, or ‘f stop’ is a measure of aperture, or light. Aperture is expressed as F-stop, e.g. F2.8 or f/2.8. The smaller the F-stop number (or f/value), the larger the lens opening (aperture). We will get into that and shutter speed next week. Can’t wait!

All in all, a good start. Most of today’s class was basic camera knowledge, which I have a pretty good understanding of. Camera care, storage, memory cards, different types of software, white balance, compression (jpeg and RAW), etc. Good class and good teacher. Looking forward to next week!


Back to School

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Photography

Today is day 1 of school for me, Digital 101. Seems pretty basic stuff, but hoping I can learn some new stuff that I thought I knew. Looks like digital 102 and 103 is where I should be starting after reading the coursework, but I’ll be happy with these baby steps first.  I will share some of the stuff I have learned with others. We will be taking field trips and doing some shooting, so I will post images and hopefully as the class progresses, my shot taking capability improves. Folks are free to critique the images I post. That way I can learn what I am doing wrong, and others will also learn.

I can’t remember the last time I was so eager to start school!

Me and my Z on ‘The Dragon’

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

My wife took this pic, and I created the ‘Dragon’ logo in Photoshop. Still tinkering……

Tail of the Dragon Pictures

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is my Z after my first run of the Dragon. She needed a rest, and I needed a drink.

This is the beginning of the Dragon. It is a motorcycle resort, and it is packed with bikers.

Not mine, but maybe one day. Nice ride!

That is just some of the pics I have. I will load them on my website ( That is a lot easier then trying to post them here on the blog.

WOW!!!!! That is what I have to say about that! When I bought my 2007 Nissan 350Z 3 years ago, I was told I have to take it on ‘The Dragon’. I finally did, and it was AWESOME! That car handles like a dream.

For those not familiar with ‘The Dragon‘, it is 318 curves in 11 miles located in the mountains of western North Carolina, Robbinsville to be exact. They say it is the #1 road for motorcyles in the US. I saw quite a few sports cars, but mostly motorcycles. If you have a bike or a car with great suspension, I HIGHLY recommend adding this to your bucket list.

I will post some pics after I have them all downloaded. I took 500 pictures this weekend, so it will be a while.

On the way home, we drove what the locals refer to as ‘The Wayah‘.  It was as good as riding the Dragon. Steep climbs, switchback turns, steep descents, flat straightaways. It was scenic for the passenger as you travel along the banks of the Nantahalla River. This route takes you into Franklin, NC, then followed signs to Highlands, NC. The ride to Highlands was also a twisting mountain ride as we made our way to ‘Bridal Falls’. From there, we followed signs to Clayton, GA. Coming down from Highlands was a steep 10% grade down the mountain with a few tight turns, but mostly downhill into Dillard, GA. Then it was back to normal driving conditions.

What a great trip it was.  After riding 3 days in the mountains on those roads, it is going to suck driving in the Atlanta traffic.

Photoshop World 2010 – Las Vegas

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here is the ‘Official’ site of Photoshop World. Scroll down for the blogging. Hold on….is that Scott Kelby dressed as Paul Stanley???

Photoshop World starts today in Vegas, and I am stuck here at the grind. I would really love to attend one of these one day. I am sure Scott Kelby will be blogging daily from Mandalay Bay ( If you have never heard about it, it is a 3 day conference for us creative folks to learn more about what we love. Now that Adobe Lightroom has went from the category of ‘what’s that’ to the industry standard for photographers, they are setting aside a lot more time for Lightroom. When you get a chance, check out Scott’s blog for more info on Photoshop World.