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Story courtesy of Scott Bourne;

Since purchasing my iPhone the day it launched, I’ve shown my portfolio to more people than I did the ten years before that date.

It’s amazing to me how much this has changed the way I show my work. In the old days, I’d spend literally hundreds of dollars (those are old days dollars mind you) on portfolios. Then I’d spend more money shipping the portfolio around. And more still keeping it up to date.

Now, most people see my portfolio on my iPhone. Of course, fewer big shot buyers see my portfolio this way, but the everyday exposure I get from showing images on my iPhone makes me as much money as I earn from the big shot buyers.

At the dentist a few weeks ago, I showed my portfolio via the iPhone to someone in the waiting room. Boom – “Cranes in the Fire Mist” sold.

I showed my portfolio via the iPhone to a man who just happened to own a new gallery in town. Boom – I have a show scheduled at his gallery.

Back when I did weddings, I would have made a killing if I could have kept my wedding samples on the iPhone. Every time I had a conversation with a potential client I could have immediately showed off my images.

Now the iPhone or iPod isn’t going to be the “be all – end all” portfolio. In many cases, it is just an excellent ice breaker. And that’s okay. Even if I have to eventually make a separate presentation on laptop, or send the buyer to the web, or even build an old-fashioned paper portfolio, the first contact via the iPhone makes it probable that I will have better success than if I had just started the old fashioned way.

I have a Blackberry that so far I am pretty happy with, but I do have an iPod. I have a few images on it, but mostly music and podcasts.  I have thought about buying the Epson P5000, but this just might do the trick.  The images on my iPod are small, but the image quality is clean and crisp.  Hmmmmm…….